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Re: Results of the meeting in Helsinki about the Vancouver proposal

On Mon, Aug 22, 2005 at 10:32:31AM -0500, Gunnar Wolf wrote:
> Sven Luther dijo [Mon, Aug 22, 2005 at 12:52:06PM +0200]:
> > > What about packages built on developer machines, but using the same 
> > > software as on the official debian buildds? I mean using sbuild in a 
> > > dedicated chroot. I sometimes do that for my packages when buildd are 
> > > lagging or when a package fails to build because of missing dependencies.
> > 
> > Should be ok, but the security level would still be higher using only official
> > buildds and centraly controled.
> > 
> > The only reason this does not happen is that the ftp-masters dislike the x86
> > buildds lagging or breaking and people bothering them about it.
> Huh? Would an off-the-shelf old 1.5GHz P4 lag behind a top-of-the-line
> m68k or ARM? Would it break more often than a MIPS?

Well, the problems is that they are fearing an hoard of angry x86 users
complaining to them if there is be it only one day delay in the build of some
random x86 package :) Also consider the effect of toolchain or buildd breakage
to the angry mails demaning immediate availability of said packages.

Apparently the alternative arch users are much more calm and reasonable :)


Sven Luther

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