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Re: Bug#323855: ITP: opencvs -- OpenBSD CVS implementation with special emphasis in security

On 8/21/05, Matthew Palmer <mpalmer@debian.org> wrote:
> I'm quite confident that there will be an upgrade path from Arch archives to
> bzr archives.  Canonical, amongst other people, have too much invested in
> Arch to just let that history fester.  As for hct, I understand it is a
> wrapper frontend to baz/bzr to provide the sorts of functionality that
> package maintainers need, instead of being a general-purpose revision
> control tool.

Agreed. And in case I didn't agree, Martin Poole has just posted a
message mentioning that Canonical is slowly shifting focus from baz to
bzr and will provide an upgrade path. I can't find it in any useful
archive to provide a link. Sorry.

Arch is being slowly abandoned. The SCM space is vibrant, but Arch
won't be here (as an evolving tool) for long. I'm not _that_ sad about



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