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Re: Bug#324179: ITP: quake3 -- a famous first person shooter by ID-Software

On Sat, Aug 20, 2005 at 07:42:16PM -0400, Joe Smith wrote:
> >Wait, if a reliable upstream wrt timely security fixes is
> >a recommendation or requirement, we might have to get of a *fair*
> >share of the archive... and that's not only the unmaintained
> >software!
> Well i meant both security and other updates. In the case where no better 
> upstream exists, it is acceptable to have a lame one. However in the case 
> of QIII I'd be willing to bet that no less than 3 better upstreams exist 
> already. After all Q2 has quakeforge, so I'd find it hard to belive nobody 
> has started something similar.

ID even goes so far as to mention that in their README:

	"Whenever an id game is released under GPL, several projects
	start making the source code more friendly to nowaday's
	compilers and environements.  If you are picking up this release
	weeks/months/years after we uploaded it, you probably want to
	look around on the net for cleaned up versions of this codebase
	as well."

While ID is to thank for the code, others will be supporting it, finding
those might be useful (and I agree with not trying to become upstream,
unless the OP is part of such a project already)

Wouter van Heyst

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