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Re: Bug#323855: ITP: opencvs -- OpenBSD CVS implementation with special emphasis in security

Le Ven 19 Août 2005 11:36, Javier Fernández-Sanguino Peña a écrit :
> Also notice that some of our services (web pages, documentation
> project) use CVS and will do so for a long time. Having a CVS server
> available to switch to if a security issue in the current standard
> CVS server is found is something that would be useful to prevent
> downtime of those services if the debian admins have to switch them
> off.
> I say go for it.


moreover, there is a lot of *nix users that uses CVS because they don't 
want to use anything else (whatever the good or bad reasons are) and 
that impose to their sysadmin to secure the CVS server ...

if we can make that task easier, let's do it.

·O·  Pierre Habouzit
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