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Re: mass bug filing on packages that are blocking use of cdebconf

On Sun, 2005-08-07 at 17:08 -0300, Ben Armstrong wrote:
> I offered this for adoption a while back.  Nobody took up my offer.  I
> finally uploaded xpilot-ng today (see my 3-year-old ITP #141099) and
> plan to make it supercede xpilot (i.e. strip the contents of the old
> xpilot packages to turn them into dummy metas to assist with the
> upgrade).
> So, either wait for xpilot-ng's acceptance and its subsequent
> replacement of xpilot, or if you need this resolved sooner, go ahead and
> NMU xpilot with just the debconf fix.  I won't have time for either
> until next weekend.

The debconf dependency is now removed from xpilot, as it is now just a
transition package to upgrade to xpilot-ng, which doesn't have the
dependency either.


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