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Re: README - confusing, irrelevant, redundant, useless

On Mon, 15 Aug 2005, Thijs Kinkhorst wrote:

It is not said that upstream README's are useless per se; I think
W.Borgert's point is the following: judge each upstream README on its own
merits. I agree that currently many people will automatically install this
README in the /u/s/doc dir, regardless of its contents, while it would
make more sense to make a judgement whether including it actually adds
I also think that Wolfgang tried to make this clear.  I also think that
people should be guided to a reasonable README.Debian in the *first*
place.  We might also think about removeing installation instructions
from upstream README files

  Idea 1:
    lintian: W: /usr/share/doc/README contains installation instructions

Moreover some other idea comes into mind:

  Idea 2:
    Rename upstream README to README.upstream to make clear that this is
    no information Debian provides.  On the other hand this might lead to
    other confusions for people who have no idea what "upstream" means.

Note: I'm not sure whether both ideas are really useful - just asking for

Kind regards



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