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Re: Dogme05: Team Maintenance

On Sun, 14 Aug 2005, Roberto C. Sanchez wrote:

> Regardless of whether or not I agreed with the changes, there is a real
> problem in the sense that my package under revision control is no longer
> in sync with whatever is in the archive.  I know that NMUs also pose the
> same problem, but one of the goals behind an NMU should be to upload the
> *minimal* change that corrects the specific problem.  In such cases it
> should not be too difficult to get back in sync.

Actually, this brings up an interesting point.

When a new source gets uploaded, it replaces the previous.  If several NMUs
occur, each one replaces the former.  So, when the real maintainer(s) wake up,
they can only see the most recent NMU that took place.

It'd be nice if NMUs source uploads were auto-archived.

Of course, this would be solved by the idea that people have thrown around:
checking every source upload into revision control.

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