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Re: runlevels remodeled

[Timo Aaltonen]
> "Single-user" mode is a fiasco, because in /etc/rcS.d/* there are a number 
> of services that really should not belong there. Examples:
> 	-network
> 	-all disks (including NFS) mounted
> ..and those that depend on them.

Yes, singleuser in debian is not working very well.  I expect 'telinit
s' to bring me to a state where I can umount /usr/ without much
hassle.  Debian does not work in that regard.  Running daemons keep
running when moving to single user mode.

> So, to correct that the runlevels would look roughly like this:
> (S	-as now, services that are needed by all runlevels (except 0,6 of
> 	 course), most stuff after S30 moved to 2-5)
> 1	-single-user, only the rootfs mounted
> 2	-multi-user, all local disks mounted, no network
> 3	-multi-user + network
> 4	-multi-user + network
> 5	-multi-user + network + X

Looks fairly good to me. :)

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