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RFH: postfix-policyd using dbconfig-common and ucf


I have packaged policyd daemon for postfix (policyd.sf.net) and now it
looks like that upstream is adding config file directives and changing
database almost each time new release is made and adding stuff to

It looks like to be good idea to handle this automaticaly.

It seems that I can use dbconfig-common for database changes, I have
slight idea how to implement it, but there are some questions about it:

- can it handle databases on another host - server
  (it's not uncommon to not have database on main server or have more
   mail servers using same database)

- how do I handle situation where old version is not based on
dbconfig-common and I have to handle both situations: new installs and
upgrades from that old version.  I guess I can use some postinst magick?
Like case $1; do configure)) ... esac.

Config file is kept in /etc/postfix-policyd.conf.

I need to accomplish several things:

- add new stuff to config file based on which version I am upgrading

- integrate with dbconfig-common, ie. set MYSQL{HOST,USER,PASS,DBASE}

I never used neither of those two mechanisms, so it would be great if
there is some hand which could help me or even point me to right
direction (like look at package foobar, it solves same thing...)

Ondrej Sury <ondrej@sury.org>

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