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libxslt1 / libxslt1.1 clean-up, comments welcome


I'm about to remove the libxslt1 package, which has been created a long
time ago for backward compatibility, when upstream did screw up ABI and
removed support for the libxsltbreakpoint library.

Now that no package depend on it, I am going to remove it, but that
leaves a libxslt1.1 package alone, not really respectful of the debian
standards for package naming.

I was wondering if I should come back to good practice and provide a
libxslt1 package with the library, and a dummy libxslt1.1 package for
upgrade support (which should only be removed after etch release).

It could break some external stuff depending on old libxslt1 (thus
libxsltbreakpoint), but are there really any left outside of debian ?

So, what do you think ? Should I just leave it the way it is now or try
to make it cleaner ?

At the same time, should I do the same with libxml2 and name it libxml2-2 ?


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