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Swap space manager


I've written a dynamic swap space manager for GNU/Linux in the vein of
swapd and dynswapd--but in many ways better.  We felt this was helpful in
a Debian-based system distribution for SMEs that we are releasing, where
we don't want to bother the sysadmin with unnecessary choices during
installation.  The program is called "swapspace" and should require no
configuration at all in most cases.

The daemon has been in production (as a dpkg package) for months on the
32-bit i386 and ppc architectures and seems to behave quite well, even in
situations where hard disks fill up, so the time has come to announce its
existence to the public.

If any of you would like to check it out and perhaps comment on it, the
project can be found at


Any suggestions, bug reports, complaints, flowers or other feedback
would be greatly appreciated.  Note however that I'm not subscribed to
this list--we're having some serious problems with our Internet
connection at the moment.

Jeroen Vermeulen

Software Industry Promotion Agency of Thailand
Ministry of Information and Communication Technology

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