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Re: possible ICU transition

On Fri, Aug 05, 2005 at 09:04:34PM +0200, Andreas Fester wrote:
> being involved in an i18n project currently, I also learned about
> ICU recently. I was a littlebit disappointed to find only a very old
> version in the Debian archive, so its very good to see that the package
> is still maintained and that you are working on the current 3.4 version
> :-)

While we're at all the i18n (is there a more proper list for this, BTW?)
business: Is there a good way for a given locale of getting ordinal numbers?
Ie. func(1) = “1st”, func(2) = “2nd”, func(3) = “3rd” etc. for LANG=en_US,
func(1) = “1ère”, func(2) = “2ème”, func(3) = “3ème” etc. for LANG=fr_FR and
so on...

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