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Re: possible ICU transition


being involved in an i18n project currently, I also learned about
ICU recently. I was a littlebit disappointed to find only a very old
version in the Debian archive, so its very good to see that the package
is still maintained and that you are working on the current 3.4 version

> Given all this, can anyone think of any reason why I should not start
> an ICU transition this weekend?

I dont think that I have enough insight to speak for or against your
plan to start the transition this weekend, but it would be great to have
the current version available in the archive, and if you need any help
like beta testing the package or the like, I am available some time this

Best Regards,


Jay Berkenbilt wrote:
The version of icu in debian is very old.  I have recently taken over
maintainership of the package.  I had originally intended to wait

Andreas Fester
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