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Re: [Debtags-devel] Re: Usability: Technical details in package descriptions?


> If the debtags also get searched when she does a simple search, then 
> great.  This will depend on how seamlessly debtags get integrated into 
> package managers (like Synaptic's) search facilities (for example, a 
> simple search by default, then an "Advanced" button to expand the search 
> dialog, and there are all the debtags to select or exclude, with logical 
> operators).
Well that is what some of us have in mind. The user enters a search
expression, and the search application somehow proposes some tags the
user can select to refine the search (based on the search expression

> That's a good point.  Since this is CC'ed to debtags-devel, perhaps 
> there could be a quality measuring facet called "Maturity::", with 
> Sourceforge-like values such as: "Conceptual" -> "Planning" -> 
> "Pre-Alpha" -> "Alpha" -> "Beta" -> "Stable" -> "Mature"
I think we had this discussion a while back, though I don't know exactly
where it went. One problem I ca remember of is, that tags are no values.
And searches like: Maturity:: > Beta are not supported and conceptually
very difficult to be implemented.

Greetings Ben

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