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Another gnutls ABI change / (small) mass bug filing


gnutls changed their ABI again.

Due to historical reasons (the API changes in the past were somewhat
intrusive), the -dev package of libgnutls had been named
libgnutls{,10,11}-dev. The API is now sufficiently stable that this
naming scheme does not make sense any more.

Therefore, in the last upload (of gnutls12) I have renamed the -dev
package, yet again (but for the last time), back to libgnutls-dev. (I
thought about not touching the name; it'd work, but that would be just
*ugly*, not to mention confusing.)

You should know if your package uses this library ;-) so please update it.
I'll file a heap of bugs for the rest, in a week or so.

The following packages are affected:

bitlbee camorama centericq cherokee crywrap cupsys dcgui echoping
elinks exim4 gabber2 gaim ggz-kde-client ggz-utils gjiten gkrellm
gnome-vfs2 gnotime lftp libggz libgnetwork libiksemel libsoup
libsoup2.0 lock-keys-applet loudmouth lynx lynx-cur mailutils
mutt nufw openldap2 pnet-assemblies slrn snowdrop thy vlc weechat
wmbiff wzdftpd xmlsec1

Gnutls in Debian is properly versioned (as opposed to Upstream, which
dropped the versioning script for no good reason), and thus I am
confident that there will not be any library conflicts during this

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