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SUMMARY: Re: shared library -dev package naming proposal


Since I've started up this thread, I'd like to summarize what was
discussed in this thread.

1. Conclusion:
 For the initial question of 
  'How does one decide which -dev package accompanies
  runtime library package'
 There is no answer, and we have not reached the consensus.

2. Methods to decide which -dev package matches runtime library package

  Currently: heuristically look at Packages file to see what packages are 
generated from same source.

3. -dev package names reflect API and runtime library packages reflect ABI?

  Apparently so, and sounds like a good idea that most people
  agree on, there wasn't a real objection to this idea
  modulo bugs on packages.

4. -dev packages should depend on other -dev packages?


  Stephen Frost argued in this thread that -dev packages do not need to 
  depend on other -dev packages, but due to 
  things such as header files and libtool, 
  there are cases which -dev packages depending on 
  other -dev packages are rquired.


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