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Re: Packages descriptions review

Clément Stenac wrote:

> As explained on the wiki page, a web interface has been created to
> centralize all reviews. It is now working (though it still needs
> improvement and reporting capabilities) and available at
> http://zorglub.diwi.org/pkg-descriptions 
> Please play with it and report any problem / requests you might have
> before we start the actual work.

I notice a few things:

1) It seems that only two people can comment on an entry. If I see a
problem that two other people have missed, I can't point it out.

2) It looks like I can edit other people's observations, possibly by
accident (by hitting submit after them). Fix (1) and this should go
away, too.

3) It doesn't look like there is a way to comment on the "current
proposal", only on the original description (and only for two people;
see above).

4) I notice tags are part of the description shown. Do you intend to
review the tags as well? This should be clarified on the wiki. If the
answer is "yes", a link to tags documentation needs to be added.

5) The things to look for needs some work. For example, it needs
something like "description fails to show how the package fits in with
related pacakges" (e.g., foo-pgsql vs. foo-mysql. Or many others)

PS: Having "Improper english" as a thing to look out for on the Wiki
page was rather bad looking. Fixed. Same with the incomplete list at the

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