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Re: The BTS and bug subscriptions

Steve Langasek wrote:
> This is nice to see.
> IME, as a release manager/bug triager and as a member of package maintenance
> teams, the distributions I want to be able to use for bug mails are:
> - to the submitter and to the maintainer (most common)
> - to the maintainer only

> and IME as a sole maintainer of packages, the distributions I want are:
> - to the submitter only

This is problimatic when a maintainer vanishes or drops a bug half way
through. I'd rather see "to the submitter and the maintainer unless the
maintainer sent the mail", which works in both this case and the one

> - "-quiet"

As implemented this is problimatic for those of us who read
debian-bugs-dist (only in a semi-automated fashion nowadays though). But
"to the maintainer unless the maintainer sent the mail" handles this
case and the second one above.

> as a single destination address on bugs.d.o, and even better if the
> reply-to's on bugs mail were set so that I never had to fiddle with headers
> again when replying to bugs :)

Well, if it's narrowed down to the two cases I've mentioned above, it's
sort oflike doing a list reply vs a personal reply. Although I'm not
sure which maps better to which. Anyway, should be possible to set up
the headers so that works in mail clients.

see shy jo

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