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Re: Help needed: People willing to help co-maintain debian accessibility packages

Mario Lang wrote:
> * speakup: A co-maintainer on this one would be wonderful.  I once bought
>   a hardware speech synthesizer for testing speakup, but since
>   my primary output medium is still braille, it doesn't get as
>   much attention as I'd wish it should.  Besides, I always
>   had those strange lockups when speakup tries to deliver a lot
>   of speech to the serial port, which very badly interacts
>   with my other pet interests, namely low-latency audio work,
>   so I had to finally stop using the prebuild speakup kernel images myself... :(

FWIW, this kernel varient (kernel-image-speakup-i386) also currently
FTBFS and has dozens of unfixed security bugs (which are fixed in the
general Debian kernel source it builds from), so it's looking quite
likely to be removed if these RC bugs arn't addressed sometime. Fixing
it is probably pretty easy, it just needs to use an older gcc for

see shy jo

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