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Re: does gs needs to depend on gsfonts, or could it use ttf fonts maybe?

> Do you see any more problems with changing 
> Depends: gsfonts
> to
> Depends: gsfonts | ttf-dejavu

So here's what you do if you want to make this happen:

gs uses /usr/share/gs-gpl/8.01/lib/Fontmap (or, rather, Fontmap.GS) to
map PostScript font names, including the standard 14, to filenames.

This file is provided by gs-gpl, not by gsfonts, which is a bit
perverse but I'm sure there's a reason.  You'd have to arrange to
replace or augment this file somehow when the ttf-dejavu package is
installed and the user indicates his desire to use that instead.

Then you can do some testing to make sure gs doesn't have some
hardcoded knowledge about font encodings (particularly for the Symbol
font, and Dingbats or whatever the other required one is) anywhere.


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