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Re: does gs needs to depend on gsfonts, or could it use ttf fonts maybe?

> gs-common package depends on gsfonts package, what if I don't want to
> use these Type 1 fonts at all, and would purge the gsfonts package.
> Would GS work with TTF fonts which are on my system instead?

gs is a PostScript interpreter.  The PostScript language spec requires
a specific set of 14 fonts to be present.  (Whether they are Type 1 or
Type 2 or Type 42 doesn't really matter.)  If a document wants to use
other fonts, it normally has to embed them, but any PostScript document
can freely assume that the standard fonts will be present.

So tell us.  Is gs able to determine from among your TrueType fonts
which ones might have faces and metrics similar enough to the standard
PostScript ones to be substituted?  Can it do this on any system with
any mix of TrueType fonts?  Are you sure?


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