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Re: libcrypto++

* Florian Weimer:

> * Nathanael Nerode:
>> I'd be interested in working on tracking down the linking problems, but I 
>> don't want to duplicate your work.  Are your patches-so-far available 
>> somewhere?
> I think I've found the linking bug.  Details later.

The link problem is caused by code like this:

template <int I>
struct Foo
  virtual ~Foo();

template struct Foo<5>;

template <int I>

  return 0;

This worked with GCC 3.4, but doesn't with 4.0.  I pretty much doubt
that this code was legal.  The fix is straightforward: Remove the
explicit template instantiation, and make sure that the template
implementation is visible each time the template is instantiated

I'll prepare a patch.

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