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Re: libcurl3-dev: A development package linked again gnutls needed

On 7/17/05, Marco d'Itri <md@linux.it> wrote:
> Upstream developers should get a clue and either properly license their
> software, stop using libcurl or adding gnutls support to it.

Upstream developers (and a lot of other people) should stop believing
the FSF's FUD about how it's not legal to integrate (in an engineering
sense) components offered under the GPL and GPL-incompatible licenses,
especially OpenSSL.  That claim is (IANAL, TINLA) utterly without
foundation in the applicable law, not to mention profoundly
hypocritical in light of the LPF's amicus brief in Lotus v. Borland
and the incorporation of the OpenSSL interface spec in the shim
bundled with GNU TLS.  Knuckling under to it, where OpenSSL is
concerned, amounts IMHO to collusion with an extra-legal
anti-competitive strategy that may yet be proven against the FSF under
a more appropriate choice of law by someone more genuinely affected
and more legally competent than Daniel Wallace.

- Michael

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