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Re: linuxsampler/libgig: intent to hijack

Hi Paul,

I am currently deep in the tail end of my PhD at the moment. I would 
really appreciate co-developer ownership, where I can return to duty 
with you on these packages once I have a little more time. Probably 
about next year some time.

I still have a few others to maintain as well as these, which happen to 
be a bit less active and alot more managable.

I have left some shell packaing scripts in the 'README.debian' file... I 
don't know but perhaps they will help ? I was building straight from CVS 
by the way.

I will put up a request for adoption on wnpp if that is necessary.


On Sun, Jul 17, 2005 at 04:56:09PM +0100, Paul Brossier wrote:
> Hi,
> linuxsampler has been FTBFS since its first upload, is now
> uninstallable, and requires a rebuild against the latest g++.
> Matt, are you still interested in maintaining this package? and libgig?
> if not, i would be interested to adopt them.
> cheers, piem 


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