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Re: aspell dictionary packages fail to build

On Thu, Jul 14, 2005 at 04:34:05PM -0700, Matt Kraai wrote:
> Howdy,
> The aspell dictionary packages build-depend on aspell-bin (>> 0.60).
> aspell-bin is now a virtual package provided by aspell, but virtual
> packages cannot be versioned, so these build-dependency cannot be
> satisfied.
> There are fifteen such packages:

Actually, it's worse than that.  Almost every aspell dictionary package
is broken right now.

> Should I file bugs against each of these packages?  Should I contact
> the maintainers directly via email?  Should I email d-d-a?

Normally, I would have contacted the maintainers beforehand about the
breakage.  However, Agustin and I are currently finalizing support for
building the dictionary hashes at install time.  Once that's ready, the
plan is to transition all of the dictionary packages to use the hash
building sytem.

You may start filing bugs against each of aspell dictionaries (minus
aspell-en, aspell-es, and possibly a couple others) if you'd like, but I
suggest that the maintainers wait to fix the bugs until Agustin and I
have written a dictionary transition document.

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pretend to like each other.

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