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Re: Procedure reminders on updating a lib package for a C++ ABI change

On Sat, Jul 16, 2005 at 03:09:18AM -0700, Steve Langasek wrote:

 > Also, for those who aren't aware, the new xorg packages now in
 > unstable are also implicated in the C++ transition, because libGLU is
 > implemented in C++.

 Keyword: implemented.

 All of GLU's interfaces are C, not C++, so "transitioning" libGLU is
 ill-advised at best.

 What I mean here is that no package should:

    a. Have an exclusive dependency on libglu1-xorg
    b. Have to wait for libglu1-xorg to enter etch
    c. Be trainsitioned because of libglu1-xorg

 libglu1-xorg reads:

    Replaces: libglu1c2, libglu1, libutahglx1, mesag3 (<< 5.0.0-1),
        xlibmesa3 (<< 4.2.1-5), xlibmesa3-glu, xlibmesa-glu
    Provides: libglu1c2

 the provides is there in order to allow for other packages to provide
 libGLU, which is nice, thank you so much, but broken.

 Are you aware of a situation that needs this or are you doing this
 "just in case"?  I have tried several GLU-using C++ and libraries
 compiled with g++ 3.3 with the binary provided by libglu1-xorg and they
 are working fine.  I have also compiled programs against libglu1-xorg's
 libGLU and they run fine with other libGLUs compiled with gcc 3.3.


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