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Re: unreproducable bugs

On 7/15/05, Rich Walker <rw@shadow.org.uk> wrote:
> (As a practicing SubGenius, I like to think of the "ornery, cussing
> Debian", up there with the Two-Fisted Jesus, and the Butting
> Buddha. Others may have other views)

As a practicing Episcopatheist, I like to murmur, "There is no God,
and debian-legal is her Prophet."  >;->

> Helps. The British Army likes to send officers out in front - produces
> lots of dead heroes in the upper classes, as well as reducing incidence
> of fragging...

Yes, indeed.  Dead heroes are the safe kind, from a political point of
view.  The US, with a little help from its foes, is currently engaged
in producing an alarming number of one of the unsafe kinds: living but
multiply amputated and/or addled by massive brain trauma.

Ooh -- I didn't notice your .sig before I wrote that.  Synchronicity?  :-/

> By the way, a spot of Google produces:
> Child (1984) cited A machine designed by geniuses to be run by idiots,
> Herman Wouk, The Caine Mutiny, on the organization of the wartime US
> Navy.

I do like a man who cites his sources.

> I get asked from time to time by academics for interesting projects for
> their students. I think I now have another:
> Implement a system capable of using standard AI techniques to process
> the (a) existing judgements and (b) content of debian.legal such that it
> can issue plausible analysis of a new software license...

Plausible?  No problem -- in the trade we call that a "pseudo-random
number generator".  Hard to implement without infringing some patent
the USPTO issued last week, though ...

- Michael

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