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Re: congratulations to the X team!!

* David Nusinow:

> I'm mainly depressed that people aren't reading Planet Debian, or are just
> ignoring it. Is there a better place to post this sort of thing so that
> users don't keep repeating the same non-bug? The BTS obviously isn't
> working for us here either, nor is posting to debian-x.

I think it's perfectly acceptable to describe the transition in a
short posting to debian-devel-announce.

Anyway, where on Planet Debian can I find this information?  Is it in
one of the referenced blogs?

> I think I'll have to put something in X.Org's NEWS.Debian about it at the
> very least, but if anyone has any ideas for this, I'm all ears.

You could add a news item to NEWS.Debian which is removed before
release, I think (provided that apt-listchangelogs can handle this

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