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Gradual mass bug filing for C++ transition / gcc-4.0 issues

I'm planning to start making sure every package which fails to build
with the current toolchain has an RC bug submitted against it.  In
most cases, this should simply involve setting Andreas Jochens'
already existing bugs to serious, although I'll confirm each before
doing this.  Exceptions will include:

- Packages waiting on other packages to transition.
- Failures clearly due to glibc issues (e.g. invalid lvalue errors
caused by <rpc/xdr.h>).

I might also do NMU's for some of the more important packages, with a
delay of 2 days, or 5 days minus the time since the last dependent
package transitioned, whichever is longer.  Right now I have my eyes
on jade/opensp/openjade, and possibly db*.

By the way, any estimates on how long it will be before we get a glibc
upload correcting the problems mentioned above?
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