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Re: pbuilder status update


Thanks for the comments.

> Ideally there needs to be either
> * a login environment where changes are saved AND/OR
> * a hook that gets executed for an update operation, *before* apt-get
>   is called.

Luckily, since pbuilder 0.118 which was released 31 Oct 2004,
there is a --save-after-login option. It should work in the sarge version
of pbuilder.

For sarge, it should be possible to do the following :

pbuilder create --distribution sarge
pbuilder login --save-after-login
chroot# vi /etc/apt/sources.list # and edit it to point to sid
chroot# apt-get update 
chroot# apt-get install apt gnupg
chroot# apt-get update
chroot# exit

(of course, current sid is in a flux due to C++ transition,
so the mileage may vary)


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