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pbuilder status update


I'll just write a mail here to notify people using pbuilder, that 
sid is a wild place.

My testsuite tells me that currently Debian sid/etch is not 
debootstrap'able. This is due to several problems, 
including g++ ABI transition breaking aptitude.

However, the good news is that you should be able to create 
sarge chroot, and then upgrade to sid.

A command-sequence like the following should work:

	pbuilder create --distribution sarge
	pbuilder update --distribution sid --override-config

It's a bumpy ride in sid right now, but this is your workaround.

For reference:

[FAIL] create-sid
[FAIL] build-sid-dsh
[FAIL] pdebuild-sid-dsh
[FAIL] pdebuild-internal-sid-dsh
[OK]   create-sarge
[OK]   build-sarge-dsh
[OK]   pdebuild-sarge-dsh
[OK]   pdebuild-internal-sarge-dsh
[OK]   update-sarge-etch.log
[OK]   update-sarge-etch-sid.log
[OK]   update-sarge-etch-sid-experimental.log
[FAIL] create-etch
[FAIL] build-etch-dsh
[FAIL] pdebuild-etch-dsh
[FAIL] pdebuild-internal-etch-dsh
[FAIL] update-etch-sid.log
[FAIL] update-etch-sid-experimental.log


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