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Re: congratulations to the X team!!

On Thu, 2005-07-14 at 00:42 -0700, Sean Perry wrote:
> I just updated to X.org. With apt. Automatically. Woohoo!! I mean full 
> on xserver-xorg too. I did not touch ANYTHING.
> X team you rock. This is why I started using Debian 7 years ago. This is 
> what keeps me here.
> One and only one snag. purging the xfree86-common package failed because 
> it was trying to run update-rc.d remove while the config still existed.
> Beers to those I meet in person. (Or something else more to your liking, 
> and at a similar cost (-:

Yes! I am in the same boat and as ecstatic about said X.org X server.

But, I don't see the rendering problems others see. Of course I have an
Oxygen card. Old, costly, but still damn fast 5 years later. Faster in
some operations than the new ATI and nVidia cards. But generally overall
slower than them, but not much.
greg, greg@gregfolkert.net

For technology that is 
Strong, Better, Faster: Linux

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