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Re: #311724

On 10350 March 1977, Martin-Eric Racine wrote:

>>> Doing an NMU on CDBS to fix #311724 might be a more constructive approach
>>> than asking everyone who uses CDBS with debian/control.in to go and fix
>>> their package's static debian/control for absolutely no gain, given how it
>>> will be overwrriten at the next build run.
>> NO. Just remove the auto-update var in your debian/rules, fix the
>> control file and build the package.
>> DO NOT, EVER, change the Build-Depends in an automated way. NEVER.
> That's your opinion.  It damn well better be backed by a Policy item.

Just turn on common-sense and maybe other stuff and think about what
this auto-update-control-crap means.
Think about - the buildds getting other build-depends than you had for
your build.
Or the security team.
Or a later NMU.

Anyone who wants that really should not upload a package.

And now please go and read my reject mail again - I propose a way for
people who really need help to set the correct Build-Depends.

bye Joerg

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