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#311724 (was: Re: gaim-irchelper_0.11-1_i386.changes REJECTED)

On Wed, 13 Jul 2005, Joerg Jaspert wrote:

While checking your package in NEW I found that it has the cdbs "Play with
my debian/control in a bad way" option turned on, and thus modifies
Build-Dependencies on the fly.


You may want to follow bug #311724, which is about exactly this issue.

Understood, but out of my hands; it appears to be a CDBS issue.

Note2: This is *MY* opinion/position on this matter. If you disagree you are of
      course always free to answer to this mail and state your position, or
      to reupload an unfixed version and hope that another one processing NEW
      accepts this.

The last version of the default static debian/control I shipped was correct; however, it doesn't change anything: my sponsor has to build this package, at which point CDBS will overwrite this again.

Doing an NMU on CDBS to fix #311724 might be a more constructive approach than asking everyone who uses CDBS with debian/control.in to go and fix their package's static debian/control for absolutely no gain, given how it will be overwrriten at the next build run.

Martin-Eric Racine

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