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Re: Mass bug filing for packages that FTBFS because of changes to texi2html

On Wed, 13 Jul 2005, Matt Kraai wrote:

> texi2html's behavior changed recently: if it is invoked with
> -split=chapter, old versions place the HTML files in the same
> directory as the documentation source, whereas new versions place the
> generated files in a subdirectory.
> After I'd filed a few bugs about this, Santiago Vila suggested that I
> should contact d-d-a instead and allow developers a chance to fix
> their packages before filing bugs.
> I checked the packages that build-depend on texi2html and found that
> 19 of them fail because of this problem (not including the ones I've
> already filed bugs against).  Should I file bugs individually, post to
> d-d-a, or do something else?

I vote for a post to d-d-a, wait a week, then file bugs.

However, I would like to see a texi2html option to get the old
behaviour first... In some cases, converting a debian/rules to the
new behaviour becomes an ugly hack, as there is already an executable
having the name texi2html would use for the directory.

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