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Re: Bug#301527: ITP: mazeofgalious -- The Maze of Galious

Added debian-legal; please drop debian-devel on follow-ups.

On 7/9/05, John Hasler <jhasler@debian.org> wrote:
> > It is still using a copyrighted/trademarked (don't know which) name
> There is no such thing as a copyrighted name.  The name does appear to have
> been a trademark at one time, but if enough time has gone by without a
> product being marketed under that name the trademark will have lapsed.

It does however infringe the original's copyright in characters,
mise-en-scene, etc., as well as  a plethora of literal elements
("Nearly the same look-and-feel", per your linked page).  Compare the
discussion of OpenTTD at
http://lists.debian.org/debian-legal/2005/05/msg00628.html .  And
please keep it out of Debian; we have more than enough abandonware
clones as it is.

- Michael

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