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Re: Updating dpkg-cross: file moving question

> >> The multiarch and FHS proposals say that ${prefix}/${target}/* would
> >> pollute the / and /usr directories while the lib and include subdirs
> >> already have tons of files/dirs and the extra dirs won't matter.
> >
> > I think that following years-old de-facto standard of
> > cross-compilation environment file placing outweights '/usr pollution'
> > argument.
> >
> > So I think I will keep this as is in dpkg-cross. However, this may
> > change if other arguments will appear in future.
> Please contact the FHS people about this. This is best fixed prior to
> the FHS multiarch stuff getting used in say SuSe or RH.

Could you please give some links - whom to contact, what better to read 
before, etc ?

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