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Re: Question about kill(1)

Brian May <bam@debian.org> writes:

>>>>>> "Adeodato" == Adeodato Simó <asp16@alu.ua.es> writes:
>     Adeodato> I also have heard (but I'm not sure how often does this
>     Adeodato> happen, if at all) that it is usefult to have it as a
>     Adeodato> built-in when your system is in a state when it can't
>     Adeodato> create more processes.
> In practise whenever that happens, and if I am lucky enough to have a
> terminal open, and if I am not dumb enough to accidently close the
> window, I don't know what the PID is of that CPU hungry/memory hungry
> process is in order to kill it.

Try ctrl/atl/shift + print/scroll/pause combinations on the
console. Or alt+sysrq+h if thats enabled in your kernel. You get a
process listing with one of the first and the second can do a lot


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