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Re: multiarch?

Goswin von Brederlow wrote:
> Bob Proulx writes:
> > Sure, native code is always better.  But that still won't help when
> > sharing binaries from other distros to and from Debian.  Because those
> > other commonly available binaries of which people think are so
> > critical will be 32-bit.  (I am referring to those evil flash plugins,
> > acrobat, etc. in addition to the Quake mentioned by the previous
> > poster.  But UT and Starcraft are more my style.)
> They rarely come as deb and then having multiarch support in apt/dpkg
> makes no difference at all.

I was referring needing to maintain an ia32 chroot.  (Because
ia32-libs can never be completely satisfactory.)

Having multiarch would obviate the need for separate 32-bit package
management.  It would all become mainstream at that point.  This would
make it very easy for users and casual administrators to natively run
32-bit programs on the 64-bit system.


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