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Re: [Debian-uk] Sun have (probably) patented apt-get

Stephen Birch <sgbirch@imsmail.org> writes:

>> On 4 Jul 2005, at 11:44 am, Wookey wrote:
>> Take a look at this patent (granted this week in europe)
>> http://gauss.ffii.org/PatentView/EP1170667
>> I'm fairly sure that apt-get and associated package-integratity  
>> checking tools could be considered infringing. (Does dpkg/apt have
>> a modular structure?)
> It seems that when RMS cried "the sky is falling" [this time regarding
> patents] he was, once again, absolutely correct.  Software patents are
> the single biggest threat not only to the open source movement but
> also to small/medium sized software companies.

Note that this particular patent is:
 EP Status: Granted. Within 9 month opposition window 

So if you have *proof of prior art* you can oppose the patent grant

In practical terms, this means someone who can "prove" that the Debian
Packaging system does this. Which probably means an Official
Debian Person sending the letter, with dates of when the technology was
introduced into Debian, and perhaps extracts from the Packaging Manuals
of the period to show this.

cheers, Rich.

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