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Re: [Debian-uk] Sun have (probably) patented apt-get

> On 4 Jul 2005, at 11:44 am, Wookey wrote:
> Take a look at this patent (granted this week in europe)
> http://gauss.ffii.org/PatentView/EP1170667
> I'm fairly sure that apt-get and associated package-integratity  
> checking tools could be considered infringing. (Does dpkg/apt have
> a modular structure?)

It seems that when RMS cried "the sky is falling" [this time regarding
patents] he was, once again, absolutely correct.  Software patents are
the single biggest threat not only to the open source movement but
also to small/medium sized software companies.

When the USA bowed to the wishes of large software companies and
made software patentable, it badly crippled its own software industry.

Far from protecting the small inventor as was originally intended
software patents have made it easy for the giant to slay David.

The USA shot itself in the foot.

Today the EU gets to vote on the same issue.  They can elect to have a
thriving software industry well placed to replace the now crippled USA
as the dominant force in the software industry.

Or they can follow the USA and badly damage their own software industry.

Europe, its time to choose.

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