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Re: RFS: libssh - SSH and SCP library

Le mardi 05 juillet 2005 à 16:34 +0200, Jean-Philippe Garcia Ballester a
écrit :
> > 1. It's linking with openssl, and claiming to be LGPL, which 
> >   I understand to be incompatible.
> I assume that linking with libcrypto.so and not libssl.so does not
> change the problem?
> I'll talk to upstream about that, and see if he could add an exception
> for linking with openssl, as said in the openssl faq.

There is no need for an exception for LGPL software.

> What I don't understand is that "objdump -p /usr/lib/libssh.so.0 | grep
> SONAME" returns 'libssh.so.0'. Doesn't this mean its SONAME is
> 'libssh.so.0'? If it does, where is the problem?
> I set the shared library version to 0.0.0 since it's the first debian
> package release.
> I was planning to version next release 1.0.0, since interfaces will be
> removed and since it will break backward compatibility, independantly
> of the version number upstream will give to his release. Is this wrong?

It is wrong, because upstream can decide at some point in the future
that the ABI is stable, and then start to call it libssh.so.0 or
libssh.so.1. It is much safer to use libtool' -release flag, so that it
is called libssh-$VERSION.so.0. To achieve that, just use something like
this in Makefile.am:

UP_VERSION=$(something that returns 0.11, the current version)
libssh_la_LDFLAGS = -release $(UP_VERSION)

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