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Re: configure a program -- debconf abuse?


Petter Reinholdtsen [2005-07-05 11:00 +0200]:
> [Hamish Moffatt]
> > I thought policy said something stronger than that, but I seem to be
> > wrong. Best practice used to be to ask questions only when there was
> > no sensible default whatsoever. Not to ask everything possible just
> > because you can.
> Keeping the question priority at 'low' make sure most users will not
> see the question, and that only reconfigure will present it.  I hope
> you are not setting the debconf priority limit to low. :)

Indeed, but IMHO low questions are just a waste of packaging work and,
moreover, waste the time of translators who do not see the priority
from the templates.

There is a reason that packages generally don't ask for user-related
configurations (ever seen "vim: do you want to enable syntax
highlightning by default?"). It does make sense on complicated server
packages which should run out of the box, but changing the user
interface of a graphical editor is neither complicated, nor is it
necessary to make the package work.


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