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Re: Getting rid of circular dependencies

Em Qua, 2005-06-29 às 13:31 +0200, Josselin Mouette escreveu:
> To make things less sarcastic: more and more themes or backgrounds are
> using SVG files. Applications using GTK2 don't really *need*
> librsvg2-common, but it should nevertheless be installed every time
> libgtk2.0-0 is installed, so that the SVG format is always supported.
> However that would introduce a circular dependency between gtk+2.0 and
> librsvg2, which would be even worse.

Why not simply puting the loader inside the library package? If the
loader should always be together with the library, then make them one
package and be done with it.

I may be missing something obvious, but I don't see the point of having
a -commong package in this case.

See ya,

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