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Re: sphor (aka bugs.debian.org) going down twice due to power maintenance

On Wed, 29 Jun 2005, James Troup wrote:
> A UPS upgrade is being performed this week in the machine room that
> houses sphor.debian.org (aka bugs.debian.org) hosted at the Oregon
> State University's Open Source Lab.  Part of this upgrade will require
> 2 complete power outages for that room.  These outages are currently
> scheduled as follows:
> 0900 UTC Wednesday, June 29th
> 0900 UTC Sunday, July 3rd
> The expected downtime is about an hour each time.  Sorry for the late
> notice and any inconvenience.

Just in case anyone happens to need the BTS during this time, I
currently have a mirror that lags between 15-30 minutes behind
bugs.debian.org which you can feel free to use:


[It supports all the usual redirects (like b.d.o/bugnum), but since I
use it for debugging patches to the bts it may not be 100% reliable.]

Don Armstrong

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off, deleting their files, closing their account and reporting their
REAL earnings to the IRS."
 -- The B.O.F.H..

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