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Re: Planning a libglade to libglade2 transition

the same for me: I develop and mantain some gtk packages

there is no such thing as an "easy transition from gtk1 to gtk2"

Andreas Tille wrote:
> On Tue, 14 Jun 2005, Martin Michlmayr wrote:
>> And how hard is that?  It seems that tons of stuff in the archive
>> still requires GTK1.  It would be great to move them all to GTK2.
> Unfortunately it's not that simple.  I'm upstream for two packages using
> GTK1 and I spended some time for investigating how hard would be the
> move.  Even if I would like to switch to GTK2 it would cost so much time
> that other projects have much higher priority.  It is kind of "I can
> perfectly use this software as it is" and thus I wished somebody would
> lend me his time travel device to give me an additional week of live time
> to port these projects but at current state I see no chance to do this
> soon (even if I would love to).
> Kind regards
>          Andreas.

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