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Re: Announcing a new book: The Debian System -- Concepts and Techniques

Looks good!!!

I went to amazon.co.uk to order a copy, but it isn't listed yet :-(

They often list books *before* they become available so you may want
to contact them and provide details.


martin f krafft(madduck@debian.org)@2005-06-27 03:05:
> Dear all,
> I am pleased to announce the availability of my new (English) book
> "The Debian System", which Open Source Press[0] introduced at the
> Linuxtag 2005. I would like to thank all who have followed its
> development over the last year, and apologise for the delay and the
> long wait you have endured. As opposed to the initially planned 350
> pages, I am proud to offer a total of 608 now, so the wait wasn't
> for nothing. You can find more information about the book on its web
> site[1].
>   0. http://www.opensourcepress.de [German only -- for now]
>   1. http://debianbook.info
> The book is not a regular user's handbook, but rather a book for
> people who want to understand and make more out of their Debian
> installation(s). It explains the systems's (and project's) concepts
> and analyses the techniques that make up the Debian Way of system
> administration -- you will not find any discussion of Linux tools or
> concepts, graphical desktop environments, server software, or user
> programmes in here! Just 608 pages of pure Debian, written for the
> Linux/Unix administrators switching to Debian and existing Debian
> users alike.
> In addition to examples and common pitfalls, the book explains just
> why the Debian developers chose certain approaches over others. As
> it explores the motivations behind the Debian solutions, the reader
> is given a peek at the level of experience and sophistication that
> has flowed into the various system components, and s/he learns to
> embrace their elegance. This book aims to be the resource on Debian
> GNU/Linux as well as an enticing companion on one's path towards
> advanced Debian administration.
> The hardcover edition will be available in stores in the beginning
> of July. A list of online shops stocking it is kept up to date on
> the web site[2] (please let me know which ones I'm missing).
>   2. http://debiansystem.info/order
> An announcement mailing list[3] exists, as well as an RSS feed[4] of
> updates (errata & changes), news and events related to the book, and
> quotes about it. There is even a forum[5] (currently based on
> experimental software though).
>   3. http://lists.madduck.net/mailman/listinfo/debianbook-announce
>   4. http://debiansystem.info/updates/RSS
>   5. http://debiansystem.info/readers/forum
> I would herewith also like to thank all who have made this book
> possible: all contributors to the Debian project, and each one of
> the individuals who have worked on parts of the text with me to get
> it to where it is now. I am also greatly indebted to my publisher,
> Open Source Press[6], who has simply spoiled me with this first book
> of mine.
>   6. http://www.opensourcepress.de [German only -- for now]
> I am also greatly indebted to the Zope[7], Plone[8], and Apache[9]
> projects for the products that power the book's web site.
>   7. http://www.zope.org
>   8. http://www.plone.org
>   9. http://httpd.apache.org
> I appreciate if people would spread the word about this book. If you
> would be willing to link to the book's pages from your web site,
> please see [10]. Also, feel free to forward this message verbatim.
>   10. http://debiansystem.info/public
> Thanks for your attention.

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