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Re: Getting rid of circular dependencies

> > 
> > I'm rather doubtful it should be easy to fix this situation.
> > I doubt having configuration data in foo-bin is a good idea,
> > since it will generally cause problems when
> > libfoo1/libfoo2 needs to coexist.
> If it is not a good idea, all the more reason to introduce foo-common ?

For a package of 'daemon with a shared library interface'
it seems to be logical to have a package for the 
daemon and the shared library, yet they would 
probably be logical to depend on each other.

In the case of mysql/pgsql, the shared libraries 
don't depend on the database; may be a good idea to
extend this; but some shared libraries simply don't 
function without the daemon.

In that case, it might be better to make it 
into a single package.

I have in mind jackd/libjack as an example, 
which currently only have recommends on jackd.

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