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Package distribution, a concept for a modern package distribution

Since around last October, I've considered to make my concept for a
modern package distribution public but I wanted to wait until
Debian/sarge was released which is now the case. And since the Debconf5
in Helsinki is just around the corner it's about the right time.

The concept is based on an LDAP server (or simiar) as a replacement for
the Packages file and on a P2P network for package distribution (see
http://wyodesktop.sourceforge.net/index.php?page=pkgdist.html). IMO it
would make a lot sense if this concept is discussed at the Debconf5.

I'm not actively work on this concept and its implementation since I've
_no_ time, sorry. If someone else is interested just say so.

O. Wyss

Development of frame buffer drivers: http://linux-fbdev.sf.net
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