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Re: ftp-master, ftp and db .debian.org moving - hosting sought

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Stephen Frost wrote:
:: Based on the requirements it seems unlikely Debian
:: would be able to afford to pay for hosting very
:: long with our current donation income amounts.
:: Gigabit network connections and associated rack space
:: is cheaper than it used to be but aiui Debian hasn't
:: got all that much cash.  From a bit of googleing what
:: I've seen is around $3k/month for unmetered 100Mb/s,
:: and $10k/month for unmetered 1Gb/s and I'm not sure
:: those would meet the other requirements so the actual
:: price of something meeting all the requirements would
:: probably be higher.

	A while() ago, I read a [1]history in kernel trap
about a history of the kernel.org infrastructure upgrade,
ISC is the bandwidth sponsor, and in the "Third Generation"
section of the kernel trap article, Peter Anvin explained
that he contacted Paul Vixie about the idea of hosting and
get an answer with a [2]list of hosted projects and this
explanation: "we're a public benefit corporation and we do
a lot of this kind of stuff. We recognize the Linux Kernel
Archive project as a fellow traveler and it's clear to us
that by helping Peter Anvin we help our own cause." Added
to it, "Peter Anvin's been great to work with. Kernel.org
is one of our larger single traffic sources, and we're proud
to be associated with it. ISC believes that our existence
has an industry-wide and community-wide benefit, and that
kernel.org's existence, likewise."


	Googling around I found an [3]ISC Press Release
talking about the improvement of accessibility of Open
Source software projects. Perhaps, somebody should contact
them to let ISC know that we need some "help". I was
thinking about doing that, but IANADD and I believe that
DPL (or some delegate) should do it. :))


	Hope it helps. Kind regards,

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